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ComXo Creating Exceptional Calls

Welcome to VirtualSwitchboard

VirtualSwitchboard is a ComXo Group solution.

Phone calls are often the first experience people have of a business. The voice that is heard on the end of the line has a direct impact on the perception of your company.

We ensure that your 'front of house' calls are answered by a well-spoken, intelligent individual within 3 rings, 24 hours a day 365 days per year.

The key to our success is developing a close relationship with our clients and deeply understanding their company brand.

We train our team to portray your company as your own staff would. We make sure that your brand radiates through us every time a call is answered.


We make sure that a real person who really understands your company always answers your calls.
" You are a professional company with the same goals as us - we are partners together."
Whether you overflow your calls to us during a crisis, use us after hours and at weekends instead of a security guard, or entrust us to take all of your calls, we become the voice of your company and ensure that excellence shines through, every time on every call.

We ensure that your company is always seen in the best possible light.