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Mystery Caller - How Does Your Business Sound When You Make a Call

Mystery Caller Test

Have you ever actually experienced first hand what your company sounds like when you make a call into the main switchboard?

Managing those calls and their direct impact on the perception of your company, is what we are experts in. Companies use us not only to take their calls, but also to benchmark themselves against their competitors.

To do this we have developed a sophisticated Mystery Caller tool which allows you to capture the real time responses that your callers are experiencing at various touch points around your organisation...the results can be very revealing!

Your 'Front of House' calls will be exposed!

Are you brave enough to have a go?

The tool will allow you to test and record the responses you get at various touch points at different times. We suggest you test yourself and your competitors at the most 'difficult times' throughout the day perhaps:
  • First thing on a Monday morning
  • During lunchtimes
  • Last thing on a Friday evening
After you have completed the test you will receive an email containing your recorded sound file. Listen to what you really sound like and if you feel that you are not giving your customers the best possible experience, we can help you get there.


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